Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Archeologists uncover 4,000-year-old (Slav) Macedonian writing

I think most of you, are familiar with the new Slavmacedonian discovery and their claim that they found "an artifact, in which the name of the Goddess Vesta is written on it".
Also in the same announcement, the Slav Macedonians explain that the written name is "Bsefa which later became Vesta" and the script is the "old Macedonian language".

Let's examine one by one steps what is false. Actually ALL are false.

LIE 1_ Bsefa or Vesta
The ancient Goddess Vesta was the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman mythology. In Greek mythology the similar Goodness was Estia.
Professor Aleksovski doesn't explain how an unknown name (Bsefa) is connected with the Roman Goddess(Vesta) and of course their Slavic heritage with the Macedonian one.

LIE 2_ Old Macedonian Language
According to the linguists, there is not any "Old Macedonian Language" only the Ancient Macedonian and the Slavic language spoken by the Slavs in FYROM. The first one is probably Greek and the second one is South Slavic and similar to the Bulgarian.
So I assume that Professor Aleksovski as a South Slavic speaker implies instead the "Old Church Slavonic" or "Church Slavonic", a literary language which developed from a Slavonic dialect of the Thessalonika area at 9th cent A.D. Founders of this language were the Greek monks St Cyril and St Methodius and theirs students. The Greek monks invented the Granolithic alphabet and their students, the Cyrillic alphabet which was used to write the Old Church Slavonic language.

LIE 3_No record of the script.
The Slav Macedonian professor in his announcing doesn’t mention what kind of script is on it. This remark born some questions such as :
The script has ideographic and/or early mnemonic symbols ?
Do we have any other similar and codified Slavic text ?

FYROM scientists and followers of the Slavmacedonism or Pseudomacedonism arbitrary rename this language as "Old Macedonian Language" in order to change the Macedonian history and put the notion of unbroken racial continuity between the modern ethnic Slavic Macedonians and the ancient autochthonous peoples of the region, in particular the ancient Macedonians.
Slavmacedonists writers have suggested many ways to revise the teaching of European history and science. Of course such idiotic pseudo-scientific reports are not worth answering from the real scientists, but outside from theirs world the people is misguided in false and dangerous paths.

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