Sunday, June 19, 2011

FYROM's 'warrior' monument infuriates Greece and shows clear the 'archaisation policy' of the Slavmacedonians

A statue of a 'warrior on horseback' resembling Alexander the Great, currently being erected in the centre of FYROM capital Skopje, has sparked fury in Greece, which warned that Skopje was gambling with its EU membership aspirations with such provocations.
FYROM, an impoverished EU candidate country, has reportedly spent several million euros on the statue of a Hellenic warrior resembling known images of Alexander the Great, a king of Macedon from the fourth century BC who built the largest empire in ancient history. Macedon was a small empire which under Alexander's reign extended its power to the central Greek city-states and even as far as the Himalayas.
Anticipating fury from Athens, the government in Skopje dropped....