Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This book contains material taken from the Website http://macedonia-evidence.org/ which includes the letter to President of the United States Barack Obama, supportedby by well-known scholars of Graeco-Roman Antiquity from universities, research centers and academic institutions around the world. The impetus for this task arose from the dispute between Greece and the FYROM for the name "Macedonia" which produced and disseminated misinformation and inaccuracies concerning ancient Macedonia and its king Alexander the Great. Scholars well-known for their expertise in Graeco-Roman antiquity have formed an ad hoc group to present, examine, and discuss the historical evidence concerning ancient Macedonia and Alexander the Great. The Letter to Pesident Obama, translated in three other languages (German, FYROM-Slavic & Greek) from its original English, is accompanied by historical documentation, also in four languages, that supports and verifies historical facts included in the letter. Articles by reputable and credible scholars regarding ancient Macedonia and the language of its people - taken from the webpage - are also included in the book. The sole concern and motivation of the scholars who have co-signed the letter to President Obama is that history is not revised to fit political expediencies. The scholarly community has a duty to preserve historic truth. The aim of this book is exactly that: TO PRESERVE HISTORIC TRUTH.

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