Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Afghanistan requires back the Greek heritage that was destroyed from the USAID

“We have the biggest Greek theatre in the world after Epidaurus”, the Afghan professor Harzi courageously declares. It was destroyed as well with all our monuments Moutzaheadin and Taliban. Now we request the assistance of civilized countries in order to gather the remains.’’

The truth is hidden in these phrases for the unrooting of Greek past that the Afghans consider their national heritage. USAID used a large sum of money in order to transmute the cultural background of Afghans, eradicate the “Soviet education” and make a nest of Moutzaheadin in Islamic schools in the borders with Pakistan where the Afghans were arriving in order to acquire bread and hate. Inhuman moulads undertook the propaganda of Islamic sariah law and Soviet books became holy books for children (only for the boys of course), children that learn not to count with cute little sheeps, but with bombs that with ‘’eradicate’’ the ‘’infidels’’. The same USAID that now finances the educational books of Cyprus in order to ‘’reconciles’’ the two communities!!

And the rage of Afghan scientists overflows when they explain that the Americans sent metal detectors with the pretext of demining, but in the substance were useful in order to are located the Ancient Greek Macedonian Graves and the precious relics they were hiding! The American intermediaries waited for the merchandise in order to sell them in museums and private collections. Extensive use of explosives destroyed many temples and monuments in order to make the illegal excavations easier. Pillagers encouraged the moulads to ‘’get rid of anything that was ‘’pagan’’. Anything that could not be transported was simply turned in ruins from hate and greed. The Greek treasures were stolen by the museum of Kabul despite the desparate calls of workers that saw their culture lost in the dark. The fact that they felt proud for their Greek Macedonian origin of Alexander was obvious in the all of their newer history, a fact that even the Soviets respected in the education system they had established in the past. And the Afghan land always gave its treasures generously and willingly since their craftsmen maintained the knowledge alive even after the arrival of Buddhism.

Bronge Statue of Heracles.

A characteristic example is the many statues of Hercules since the splendid gym of Ai Khanoum was dedicated in the Greek hero’s divine form. Such a wonderful masterpiece was sold in a bazaar of Pakistan in 2002.

Macedonian finding in Aphaganian currency.

Thousands of old coins were sold and auctioned in sacks (!) and the massive amount of discoveries that really proves the multiannual presence of Kings of the Baktrian and their popularity causes feelings of awe. Temples, gyms, states all buried in the semidarkness of tradition before the irreparably covering from the dark of domination and religious fanaticism.

Macedonian coins weight 50 kilos.

Now, Afghan scientists try to recover the lost cultural wealth. Unfortunately they were forced to ask the help of Unesco and the “civilized” West. The West that from the center of the “Afghan studies” in the university of Nebraska, supplied CIA and other secret services with information concerning the moves of the Soviets, the interactions of various sects and the attribution of nominations Talibans. In this ‘’at euphemism’’ university the times that “terrorists” were called in the university in order to met with American dignitaries were very not few at all. With the ‘’assistance’’ of USAID of course. These were the meetings that every effort of every organisation and movements for the rights of women of Afghanistan were demolished for good.

The despicable child books of USAID that portrayed the use of rockets, bombs and arms with verses from the Koran entered in the foresight afterwards the failure of arrangement that had been made with Taliban. It was straightly asked for the replacement of violent pictures and verses of Jihad. The answer of Bush? ‘We can deprive from the Afghans their Islamic heritage (!!!)

They could however eradicate their Greek one.

Translation from Ariadni_Nefeli
Original article written from http://olympia.gr

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