Friday, October 17, 2008

Alexandria event on Alexander the Great

Alexandria (ANA-MPA/N. Katsikas)

The life and times of Alexandrer the Great was presented on Thursday night at the Alexandria Library (Bibliotheca Alexandrina), during a lecture by writer/director Nikos Sofianos, who has devoted decades to a step-by-step cinematographical documentation of the great Macedon general's course throughout the entire geographical region, from Pella to the Indies, to Alexandria and the Orient.

The lecture, held at the Library's conference center in cooperation with the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE), is part of an initiative by SAE president Stefanos Tamvakis to inform the world public on the life of Alexander the Great, not only the Greeks abroad, but more so the local societies and peoples in the far reaches of the Macedon leader's sojourn.

The Alexandria-descended Tamvakis, addressing the event, said that "for us Alexandrians, Alexander the Great is not just an important figure who changed the course of history, but something much deeper, which accompanies us from the day we are born, and gives us courage, strength and pride".

In today's world, where even that which is self-evident becomes the object of political and historical distortions, "our duty is, with level-headedness and patience, and systematically, to convey the knowledge about the Greek general from our Macedonia, who with his human-wide and multi-cultural pollicy, was the first to spread and convey Hellenis and its values to all corners of the world".

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