Friday, July 04, 2008

Macedonian Inscription in FYROM

Makedonia (Paionia, Lower) — Idomene? (Isar-Marvinci) — 181/182 AD — ZAnt 15 (1965) 137-147

"μακεδονιαρχῶν τὸν ναὸν τη πατρίδισὺν παντὶ τω κόσμῳ τῷ θκτʹ ἔτει."
"Των αρχόντων των Μακεδόνων την πατρίδα και παντός του κόσμου το θκτ έτος."
Of Macedonian rulers, the homeland and all the world in 181 A.D.( Gregorian calendar) year
The above inscription founded in Historical Upper Macedonia in Paionia region (lower FYROM) and now located it in the entrance of the FYROM goverment building.

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